Tag: My Bad Reading Habits

I was tagged for this by the wonderful Rachel (thanks so much!).

First things first – I want to believe that there are no really bad reading habits, whatever works for people is valid. But then again, maybe you’ll super disagree with that when you see my bad reading habits because some of those might make you cringe (please still be my friend afterwards).

Buying more books than I can read

I have talked before how I do love owning books a whole lot, but currently my book buying went a bit overboard. I have bought more books this year than I have read and I also keep adding ARCs to my stack. I then prioritize these ARCs and accumulate physical books on my shelves that I never get to.

Starting way too many books.

I always read multiple books at once and I do like it that way. But I find that once that number exceeds four, I start to neglect at least some of these books and cannot give them the attention they would deserve. Currently I am reading six books (and only because I put one book down for now) and that definitely is too many.

Not reading an author’s other books.

I am dreadful at actually reading more than one book by authors I adore. For example, I have loved every single thing written by Lidia Yuknavitch that I have read and I own her other two novels and I am super excited to read them – and then just never do. I am also not that great at finishing series that I enjoy which feels like such a stupid thing.

Reading books unchronologically.

This might be the big one: I skip ahead in books a LOT. Not always and not with every book but more often than not I will read some paragraphs from the very end way before I make it that far. Part of it is to assure me that things will work out fine (one of the reasons why I particularly enjoy memoirs btw), part of it is simple impatience, mostly it’s habit. (I also really do not care about spoilers whatsoever.)

What are your bad reading habits? Do let me know! And if you decide to do this tag, I am super interested to see your answers.



10 thoughts on “Tag: My Bad Reading Habits

  1. I definitely have the same problems re reading too many books at once, and skipping ahead – although I don’t think the latter is really a problem, as to me a good book is so much more than its plot.

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    1. I love my personal library! But I also love buying books and immediately reading them and I do that far too seldomly. Because I own so many books already. That I also want to read.

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  2. I’ve also found it difficult to read multiple books by the same author, especially since I’ve started using book-related social media and significantly expanded my TBR list. There are so many authors out there whose work I’d love to check out that it’s hard to dedicate much time to any one in particular.

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