Cookbooks #1

I love love love cooking. It is one of my favourite things to do and I think I am reasonable good at it. My partner is a very good sport and tries all the recipes I want to try. To be fair, we have a very similar taste, so that definitely helps.

The last few months I have tried two different cookbooks, both I got from NetGalley to review in exchange for an honest review.

Sheet Pan Suppers – Raquel Pelzel

Published by Workman Publishing Company, October 2017

Verdict: Beautifully done, but not for me.

Find it on Amazon.

I love the idea of this: all types of recipes, to be done on a sheet pan. The book is divided into eight sections:

1 – Bits, Bites and Snacks
2 – Soups and Salads
3 – Veggies with a side of Vegetables
4 – Grain Bowls and Beyond
5 – Beans and Legumes
6 – Pasta, Bread and Pizza
7 – Breakfasts and Brunches
8 – Desserts

Now, quite a few of those things I would not have thought to prepare on a sheet pan; and I love this. I love being challenged and I like trying new things. So that was definitely fun. However, there were not many recipes that really spoke to me; I also found it to get  bit gimmicky after a while. Still, like I said, beautifully done and I think a different kind of cook might really get a kick out of this.

The Vegan Cookbook – Adele McConnell

Published by Nourish, September 2017

Verdict: Intriguing and tasty.

Find it on Amazon.

I enjoyed this one a whole lot. I thought the pictures were absolutely stunning (always an important factor when it comes to cookbooks!) and there were so many recipes I tried. The ones I did try were great. I especially loved the soups and I am looking forward to cooking more of those in the next few months (who does not love soups in the autumn and winter?).

I also like that Adele McConnell clearly labels which recipes are soy-free, lactose-free, and so on, as I have friends with food allergies and this helps with the selection a lot.

Overall, it is a great vegan cookbook with recipes I am sure non-vegans would enjoy and I am definitely going to buy it sometime soon.



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