May 2021 TBR: It’s Wyrd and Wonder!

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May is Wyrd and Wonder month – and I have at least tried to participate for the last three years and I am very excited to be part of it again. Wyrd and Wonder is a month long fantasy readathon hosted by Lisa of Dear Geek Place, imyril of There’s Always Room for One More, and Jorie of Jorie Loves a Story. I particularly like the sense of community this event gives me and that I find new people to follow every year.

I am famously not great at following TBRs and my mood reading often leads me down different paths than I anticipated but I am very excited about fantasy at the moment and hope this’ll keep for this month at least. I have some super exciting books I could potentially read and I genuinely hope to be more active this year. My daughter will maybe start day care soon (depending on how the covid cases in my hometown develop), so I might be able to sit down and blog at least a few times this month. I might also be able to read an actual physical book with pages and everything.

I am currently in the middle of three fantasy books which I am going to prioritize. I am enjoying all three of them but especially For The Wolf which is just as good as the blurb made it sound and at the moment on track to be a five star read for me. Dead Witch Walking is fun and the first in a long series – and I would love to get stuck in a longer series again, filling the Kate Daniels and Psy-Changeling shaped holes in my heart. Big Bad Wolf is a lot darker than I anticipated but I am loving the world building if sadly not the romance.

Below is an additional list of books I am excited about that I could potentially read this month. Looking at these books makes me wonder why I ever read anything else but fantasy. I will probably prioritize The Bone Shard Daughther by Andrea Stewart as it is the group read and Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse – have no excuse to not have already read that and I am certain I will adore it.

10 thoughts on “May 2021 TBR: It’s Wyrd and Wonder!

  1. I can’t wait to start For the Wolf, but I probably won’t get to it until next month. I think you have a fabulous TBR, no matter what you end up reading😁


  2. Ooo, yay, glad you’re liking For the Wolf! I hope to get to that soon! Enjoy the Hollows series! I’ve read the first five or six, I only stopped because it was my audiobook commute series and then I…you know…stopped having to drive to work….but it’s a fun urban fantasy series! Have a great Wyrd and Wonder!


  3. I’m so curious about For the Wolf- glad you’re loving it. And Black Sun was my favorite read of last year, hope you enjoy it and have some great reads in May!


  4. Ooh, that little tip about For the Wolf is great to hear. I’ve already got a copy on hold. Sounds like it lives up to that cover! Looks like you have a great TBR of possibilities. I’m also planning to give The Bone Shard Daughter a go this month, but I know myself well enough not to officially commit to finishing a book over 400 pages haha.


  5. Oh that’s a killer TBR! I highly rec The Midnight Bargain, I loved it and found it a very quick read.


  6. This looks like a great TBR! I really enjoyed Black Sun and Empire of Sand, and I’m so excited for She Who Became the Sun and Son of the Storm. I’d like to cross The Unbroken off my TBR, too. Happy reading!


  7. Hallo, Hallo Hannah,

    Never worry about being a mood reader or not sticking with a projected TBR! We’ve all had those months ourselves and even today, on Day 3 I struggled to connect to different stories I’ve put off reading for several years and still find them to be elusive from my grasp. I hope the stories you do read this year will become beloved reads, though! I did spy two authors I want to read myself – I borrowed “Empire of Sand” one year for Wyrd And Wonder but didn’t get too far inside it and this year I borrowed “The Unbroken” and I think its due back before I can even read it! 😦 Such is life.

    However, I did have a good start – this past weekend, 2x reviews went live and so did my Intro to Year 4 — where I shared a bit of my TBR. I look forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing with us and remember – relax into Wyrd And Wonder and don’t stress if you can’t do something – its meant to be a bookish holiday for us and to come together as a community to champion a genre we all mutually love. Be kind to yourself. I get how life and other factors try to derail us but sometimes we have to remember to take small steps and then embrace the journey.


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