Sci-Fi Month 2019 TBR(or sci-fi books written by women I own and haven’t read yet)

November seems to be THE month for readathons – there is Non-Fiction November and Novellas in November, but I am most excited about this one: Sci-Fi Month 2019. I adore the community and I am hoping that my enthusiasm for them will finally properly re-introduce me to the blogging world. Sci-Fi Month is hosted by Imyril over @ onemore and Lisa over @ deargeekplace. You can still join up here. I’ll be using this readathon as a motivation to finally pick up some more of the science fiction books I own (true to brand, only those written by women) and hopefully to get back into the groove of reviewing regularly.

I am notoriously bad at following TBRs but I do love compiling them and I had fun looking at the books I own and haven’t read yet. If I read two of these books I will see that as a success.


24100285Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente

I love everything about the premise. I am a huge (unironic) fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and cannot wait to see what Valente and her signature imagination can do with it. Also, the tagline is a thing of genius: “In space, everybody can hear you sing.” I really need to finally get to this.

32802595Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers

I absolutely adore Chamber’s brand of optimistic sci-fi and I cannot believe I still haven’t read this. I haven’t been in the mood for any spec-fic that is dark and twisted, so this one should work perfectly for me.



40947778The Outside by Ada Hoffmann

I keep talking about this book because it is so ridiculously up my alley: I mean, AI gods? How much more custom-made for me can any sci-fi book be? But then I never pick it up. I really want to change this soon. And I would love to have at least one ARC-review up for Sci-Fi Month.

41085049Velocity Weapon by Megan E. O’Keefe

This one fell victim to my reading slump (or rather, slump involving anything not romance related) – I read the first few chapters and did enjoy it but didn’t love it. I am determined to finally make a proper dent into it though! I like stories about siblings and I like closed room sci-fi and I like stories set in different timelines.


Autonomous by Annalee Newitz and Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

I bought those two books when I decided I wanted to read more science fiction early in 2018 – that I still haven’t picked them back up is maybe not the best sign. But then again, I got overly ambitious and bought way too many books at once. Both come highly praised as well – especially Ancillary Justice has won pretty much every prize there is to win and my boyfriend who reads more science fiction than I do really loved it.

35519101Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

I enjoyed both ealier installments of this series – and Murderbot is just the perfect protagonist. This could double as the only book I read for Novellas in November so I am indeed very tempted to pick it up. Especially because it would be a very quick and fun read.

I really hope I’ll manage to pick up at least some of these books. Are you planning on participating in Sci-Fi Month?

35 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Month 2019 TBR(or sci-fi books written by women I own and haven’t read yet)

  1. This seems like a readathon for me! I’m always trying to read more SF. I’m actually reading Nina Allan’s The Race at the moment so let’s just say I did it deliberately 🙂

    I loved Ancillary Justice and Record of A Spaceborn Few, though they’re very different books. I had mixed feelings about Autonomous which had some great ideas but felt oddly paced and unfinished.

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    1. Ooooh Nina Allan – I loved The Rift, and I keep looking at The Race with covetous eyes… Tag #SciFiMonth with your thoughts if you write a review, I’d love to see what you make of it 🙂

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    2. The readathon is so much fun! Everybody is lovely and supportive and even though I usually only manage one book (I am so awful at sticking to TBRs), I just love the whole thing.
      I really should get to Record of a Spaceborn Few because I love Becky Chambers. I have seen so many mixed reactions to Autonomous but I still find the ideas so very intriguing.

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  2. Great TBR – Autonomous, Velocity Weapon and The Outside are all way up my wishlist, although I’m having to be a bit realistic about what I’ll manage this month. Hey, I can dream 🙂

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  3. Velocity Weapon has been on my radar for a while but never officially made it to my TBR! So I’m super curious to see your thoughts on it and decide whether I’ll add it… it does sound great and I need more SF in my life!

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  4. What a fun readathon! I didn’t looove Ancillary Justice, but I think it’s because I was expecting something different. It is very political and a bit drier than I thought it would be. I hope you end up liking it, though!

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    1. It’s the best readathon! Everybody is so very lovely and supportive!
      I read the first chapter of Ancillary Justice and didn’t click a while ago – but my boyfriend adored it so I am hoping to enjoy it once I properly settle into the story.

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  5. This looks like a great TBR! Space Opera is one I’d really like to try (I’m also a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest) and I need to try Ancillary Justice, too. 🙂 I hope you enjoy all of these – I liked Record of a Spaceborn Few a lot!

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    1. Thank you! The Eurovision Song Contest is my favourite TV event of the year. When I still lived in the UK I always watched it with people from all over the EU and these memories are among my favourites. These days I am forcing my boyfriend to watch it with me and he is coming around to the wonder that it is.


  6. TBRs are indeed the joy and bane of us book-lovers, so I understand how difficult it can be to follow any given list. However I can strongly recommend Velocity Weapon (give it another chance: the beginning might seem a little confusing, but it gets better – much better), and of course the Murderbot series is one of my favorites…
    Happy reading! 🙂

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    1. I am glad you liked it! I found it a bit bogged down in descriptions (a problem I frequently encounter in SF) but I love sibling relationships, so I am optimistic I will enjoy it once I am properly settled in.

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  7. I love Chambers’ sci-fi, she’s probably my favorite new SF author in recent years. I think it’s the optimism, like you mention. Her books just are comforting, in their own way. And Murderbot is awesome as well!

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    1. I am a bit over depressing spec-fic to be honest and Chambers’ imagination is just lovely! And Murderbot is OBVIOUSLY the best. I love everything about those books.


  8. Hallo, Hallo Hannah,

    I’ve finally started to leave my mark on #SciFiMonth this week – from #WWWeds, to last night’s reveal for my 10 #BookishNotBookish Thoughts of a Sci Fi Geek which includes some epic spine poetry if I say so myself… it is the first time I felt I really understood how to do that! I was inspired by the prompts too and turnt the whole affair into a proper book tag! I also back-shared the spotlight for the Heaven’s Edge Space Opera novella series set in the Rims whilst archiving the first #SatBookChat #SciFiMonth chat as well.

    I was curious – are you going to join us for the RAL discussion for #SpacebornFew? I know our Twitter chats didn’t quite take-off this year as Lisa and I had hoped they would as we loved hosting them last year but we’re still doing the discussion posts on our blogs and GoodReads. I’m back-listening to the end of #smallangryplanet as I never had the chance to finish my 3rd post for last year’s RAL and then, I’m going to reveal my first post for #SpacebornFew RAL as well as sort out the Qs for the second week’s discussion points. *whew!* I’m thankful I have the audiobooks this year but strangely I miscalcuated the hours I need to hear them… it will work out, I’ll just jump into a wormhole and give myself extra ‘time’….

    I thought I might be a good fit as a reader for Autonomous but after I looked into it further, I felt that maybe I was mistaken. I heard a lot about it and combined that with my own thoughts on it, I decided to let it lie. Sometimes it takes longer to find the stories which fit us best.

    Here’s to an epic lift-off for us both! Enjoy your wanderings this Sci Fi November!


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