Mini DNF Reviews: Romance Edition

I have mostly been reading romance novels lately and for the most part, I am loving it (obviously). I have found, however, that this is a genre where I am particularly trigger happy when it comes to DNFing books – part of what I love about the genre (I can be sure to get a happy ending!) also means that when I don’t click with a book (but don’t hate it), I don’t mind just putting it down. I don’t feel comfortable giving content warnings for books I haven’t finished as I worry to miss something and mislead people (but as always, if you have specific triggers, just let me know and I will do my best).

42766256._sy475_My Fair Viscount by Jess Michaels

Published by The Passionate Pen, July 9th 2019

I should just admit to myself that Historical Romance doesn’t work for me. Even the books that are objectively well written with fun characters (like Tessa Dare’s books) do not blow me away. This one here is a good book – but really not for me. It is also too short and as such moves to quickly to hook me. I read around half of it when I decided that I’d rather be spending my time on other books. I did like the focus on consent and it is also quirky in a way that I think would work for other readers.

42831646._sy475_A Beautiful Risk by Colette Dixon

Published by Caleo Press, August 13th 2019

This one I skim-read so much that it really doesn’t count as finishing it. I could not connect with the characters and I admit I got super annoyed with the male protagonist. I thought he behaved impatiently in moments where that was really not warranted given that the female protagonist is (for a very good reason) traumatized (her kid died in an accident). I was also not super into these elaborate sex fantasies these two people had about each other instead of, you know, just doing it. However, this isn’t a bad book – but for a totally different reader (that the book’s blurb called it heartwarming should have given me a clue from the beginning that this wouldn’t be for me).

Bloom-AnyoneButRich-28144-CV-FL-v2.inddAnyone But Rich by Penelope Bloom

Published by Montlake Romance, September 3rd 2019

I felt old reading this book. I found the drama at the heart of it ridiculous and to be honest childish. The basic plot is that three girlfriends made a pact when they were teenagers to never ever date one of the King brothers again, as these three brothers nearly cost them their friendship. This obviously proves impossible when the brothers return years later and now super rich (there really is no shortage of billionaires in Romancelandia). I could not suspend my belief here – especially because Rich, one of the brothers, really doesn’t seem appealing – and not even in the normal romance way too toxic way that can sometimes work surprisingly well. He is just boring – and the female protagonist’s infatuation with him seems unfounded (she is also a virgin, something that only rarely works for me – it so fundamentally changes the power balance). I just never bought into their relationship. Do not even get me started on Rich’s twin brother whose incredible stupidity felt gimicky and unbelievable. This really did not work for me and I gave up a little after the halfway point.

I received ARCs of all these books courtesy of NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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