Most anticipated releases of the second half of 2019

I love compiling these lists because I love getting excited for books. So far this year I haven’t done so great at actually reading my anticipated releases (here are the ones for the first half of the year) but who knows, maybe that’ll change. Spoiler alert: for somebody who has only read like 3 non-fiction titles this year, I sure am looking forward to many memoirs. I really need to get my reading back to normality.

44795725._sy475_Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Bloomsbury, July 9th
Genre: Non-Fiction

Every review of this I have seen has been glowing – and it sounds like it could be just the perfect book for me. I love non-fiction about women.

46374237._sy475_The Need by Helen Phillips

Penguin / Viking, July 16th
Genre: Horror, Fiction

I read Helen Philips’ short story collection Some Possible Solutions a while ago and while I didn’t enjoy every story, those I liked I absolutely loved. I also think her vague and metaphorical style might really work for me in novel form. I also am always interesting in books about motherhood – and one with a horror slant sounds like just the book for me.

40222541I’m Telling the Truth But I’m Lying by Bassey Ikpi

Harper Perennial, August 6th
Genre: Essay Collection

I am mostly excited for this because Akwaeke Emezi loved it – and I figure everything they love, I’ll love. I also really love personal essay collections, I adore the title, and I usually enjoy the non fiction titles I read published by Harper, so this should be right up my alley.

43126457Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino

Random House, August 6th
Genre: Essay Collection

I love Tolentino’s writing and am super excited about a full length essay collection by her. I cannot see myself not loving this. I also adore the old school hipster style cover more than I am comfortable admitting.

43862291Shelf Life by Livia Franchini

Doubleday, August 23rd
Genre: Fiction

This sounds absolutely excellent and I do adore the cover (always a plus). I love stories about women whose life have exploded around them – and this one seems to be interestingly structured as well.

44032417._sy475_Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

Faber&Faber, September 10th
Genre: YA, Fantasy

I know nearly nothing about this book except that for Emezi I am willing to read a YA novel. Their writing is exciting without end and while I am even more excited for their upcoming adult novel, I will be reading this nonetheless. But the cover is killing me (and not in the good way).

42188604In the Dream House my Carmen Maria Machado

Graywolf Press, October 1st
Genre: Memoir

This is the book I am most excited about. I adore Machado’s writing and this memoir sounds incredible (it has been getting a steady number of intriguingly high praise).

43682552How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones

Simon and Schuster, October 8th
Genre: Memoir

This is the first book published this year that made me cross with myself for choosing to not read any books written by men. I will be reading this the moment 2020 roles around. I love Jones’ writing and this memoir sounds incredible.

42152409Ordinary Girls by Jaquira Diaz

Algonquin Books, October 29th
Genre: Memoir

This is comped to Myriam Gurba’s Mean and Marie Terese Mailhot’s Heartberries. Both of which I adored.

42730332._sx318_The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Harvill Secker, November 5th
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Like many others, I adore The Night Circus. So when Morgenstern’s new book finally got announced, I like many others, squealed. I cannot wait to read this. But the covers are all truly awful.

What are some of the books you are looking forward to?

22 thoughts on “Most anticipated releases of the second half of 2019

  1. Some of these covers are terrible! I didn’t realize Emezi’s book was coming so soon. I could make an exception and read YA too. Im really looking forward to Nell Zink’s new one in August.

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    1. So bad! What is it with the covers lately? And sometimes I feel like I am in the wrong film – like with the Morgenstern one? People seem to enjoy that one weirdly enough.
      I am not super loving YA lately but Emezi’s writing works for me enough that I will make an exception, I think.


  2. Great list! I’m also highly anticipating some of these, including Pet and Three Women, and I’m definitely adding The Need to my TBR now.

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  3. I think you’ll love Three Women – it’s exceptional in style and structure as well as in content. The cover for The Starless Sea is APPALLING – is that a US or a UK design?!

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    1. My request for Three Women is still pending, so I am fairly sure I’ll have to buy it. Given how much I am looking forward to it, will be the correct decision anyways. I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

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  4. I hadn’t heard of The Need but it sounds SO up my alley – even though I don’t love books about motherhood that sounds like exactly the kind of motherhood book I would like. Also, cover! But man, the Pet cover really is terrible. Also I think I will wait for your assessment before I read that book. Because, I adore Emezi, but… YA, ugh.

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    1. I like books about motherhood. And a horror novel? Sign me right up! (the reviews are polarizing which is always a plus in my book)
      The Pet cover is so bad that I couldn’t even really blame the idiots who told Emezi so on twitter. it is exceptionally bad!

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  5. Ohhh Starless Sea, I’m so, so excited for it!

    Also, The Need & Shelf Life look absolutely fantastic. I need to know more about both and they’ll probably sneak their way into my TBR 😀

    Lovely post, Hannah! Put a lot of nice books on my radar. I’ve been so bad at keeping up with new releases…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am fairly good at keeping up with new releases but realy bad at actually reading them once I buy them. I need to get better at that again.


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