Bookish Resolutions for 2019

I procrastinated writing this blog post for literal months – because unlike last year where I had a plethora of reading resolutions, this year I pretty much only have one (which I have already kind of failed, more on that later) and I am a bit apprehensive about sharing it with the world. These last few years I always picked a genre to read more of during a year but I think now I read widely enough to just stick with what I like.

But, first things first, here are some of my standard reading resolutions before we come to the big one:

Read 100 books.

This number is the amount of books I have aimed for the last few years and it is a number that works for me. I do read pretty consistently two books a week and it feels like a goal I can reach no problem without shying away from longer books.

Keep writing reviews.

I have recently fallen off the waggon a bit but I wrote reviews for most of the books I have read last year and I want to keep doing this. I also want to be more ok with just writing super short reviews for the books I don’t have all that much to say about – and I hope allowing myself that will help me with this goal.

Post around two to three times a week.

For a short period this last year I managed to post every other way – I had posts scheduled and everything. But to be completely honest, this is not quite feasible for me. For one thing, life gets in the way and sometimes I cannot schedule in advance, and sometimes I don’t finish enough books to keep posting at a rate this high. But I do want to post reasonably often and I think I can do two to three times a week, with some weeks being busier and other weeks not so much.

Read by whim. (AKA request fewer ARCs)

I cannot for the life of me stick to a TBR and trying to do so just sucks the joy out of reading for me. And I don’t want that. So, for next year I want to just read what I like and for that reason I will try to request fewer ARCs as to not become overwhelmed.

And now that those rather easy resolutions are out of the way, here comes my big reading challenge for the upcoming year:

Only read books by women and non-binary authors

I read more books by women to begin with and these books are more likely to be my favourites. As such, my resolution is really not that much of a stretch. But still, this year I want to challenge myself to not read any books written by men. Mostly it’s a fun way for me to change up my reading and be more thoughtful about the books I approach, partly it has something to do with those articles that crop up every now and then where famous men admit to only ever reading books written by men. Only really partly though. Today I rearranged my physical TBR shelves and freeing up that room (by shoving the books I own that were written by men to one end) felt oddly cathartic. My reading is really only for me and the fun I have with it, which is the angle I am approaching this particular resolution from. Which is the reason why I am not too stressed about the fact that I did not manage to finish reading Black Leopard, Red Wolf before the year ended – which means I have basically already failed this test of mine.

What are your reading resolutions, if you have any that is?


12 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions for 2019

  1. For me it’s a case of read consistently throughout the year. Some months I read 15 books, other months I wasn’t reading at all. I’d also like to read more non fiction and some longer books. So less is more for me in 2019!

    Good luck with your 2019 goals! x

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  2. Reading by whim is the best. It really messes me up when I get to a review book and it’s not something I’m in the mood for but now I’m obligated. I’m really limiting my requests as well. Good luck with your goals!

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    1. Thank you! I am mostly ok with falling a bit behind on review copies but I would like to not do this as often. What messes with me the most is when I get a NetGalley arc the day it releases, then sometimes I just don’t get to them any time soon.

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  3. I’ve just started following your blog, and hope you’ll return the favor. 😉 I like your game plan for 2019; my only question is why limit yourself to the work of only 50% of the population of authors in the world? I, too, tend to read more books by women than by men, but I’ve read some fabulous books by men this past year. My most highly recommended book is “The Overstory”, by Richard Powers: After reading it you’ll not look at trees in the same way again! Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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    1. It’s mostly a fun way to challenge myself – plus I really do prefer books written by women. Of my favourite books of last year the vast majority was written by women. But yeah, mostly for fun (and the other reasons I gave in my post).


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