Final Update: How did I do with my Bookish Resolutions?

I set myself 10 reading resolutions this year; something I did absolutely enjoy but which did not always work as well as I thought it would. As the year is rapidly drawing to a close, I think it is time to give a final update on my progress.

Read 100 books.

As of writing this post I have read 108 books – so I absolutely achieved that goal. I did read a lot of short books and a ridiculous amount of UF (a genre that I read particularly fast) but with an average of 308 pages per book I don’t think that number is too shabby at all.

Read at least one author’s complete work.

Well… I did not do this in the slightest. I am so bad at this resolution! Hopefully, next year will be the year when I finally tackle the unread books on my shelves by authors whose work I have adored.

Keep writing reviews for every book you read.

I fell of the waggon a bit during the second half of the year. Part of this has to do with the speed with which I raced through some of the series I read, never pausing in between the installments, part of it has to do with the ridiculous amount of stuff going on in my life. I did write reviews of the majority of books I have read though and still have not lost hope that I might go back and write the 10 or so reviews that are still pending.

Read more women; especially WOC.

I did not do much better at this than I did last year (when I read around 60% women): 68% of the books I read were written by women. But to be fair, only 19% were written by men. Around a third of the books I read were written by authors of colour – a percentage I absolutely want to improve on next year.

Read some of the books that have been on the TBR forever.

I did not do that. Only four of the books I read had been on my shelves for more than a year. I am really not great at prioritizing books that I bought ages ago.

Only request books if a) you really really really want them and have been looking forward to them or b) you have reviewed all other ARCs you had.

I got a lot better at this. Still not perfect but as I am sitting comfortably at around 90% feedback ratio on NetGalley I am fine with the way I am doing this.

Finish at least one unfinished series.

I did not do this in a proper sense. All the series I had unfinished before the year started are still unfinished. Maybe next year.

Read only YA that comes highly recommended.

I did it! I only read three YA books this year and enjoyed them all.

Read more Science Fiction.

I read nine proper sci-fi books and four dystopian novels. I still gravitate towards fantasy a lot more but I did enjoy my foray into the genre. I will keep reading sci-fi from now on out.

Read more novellas.

I tried, I really did. I read a few novellas and even enjoyed some but mostly the length left me unsatisfied. I don’t think I will pursuing this any further from here on out.

How did you do on your reading resolutions?

18 thoughts on “Final Update: How did I do with my Bookish Resolutions?

  1. I didn’t set resolutions quite like this last year, but I wish I had. these are great! Mine was “read some of the 1001 best list,” and i read 75 books total. I managed to achieve both of those. As of right now I’m at 131 books and about twenty are from the 1001 list.

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  2. I’m really bad for not finishing an author’s complete works as well. It’s like I’m torn between my desire to devour everything they’ve written, and the fear of knowing there would be nothing else by them to look forward to.

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  3. Oh my god what do you mean you read 108 books??? I’m super impressed. You’ve totally won 2018 in my book. I managed to finish 58 (and counting!) books this year, but at least I did better than last year (+20 books)! I don’t think I really made resolutions besides my “read 45 books” one. But I love that you mostly kept with yours!

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    1. I do read a lot – plus I don’t really watch TV or netflix and all my free time gets mostly spend on books. Also, reading is my coping mechanism when things don’t go so well in other areas of my life.

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    1. Thank you! I have step by step expanded my reading horizons these last few years and have really learned a lot about what I like and what I don’t get on with all that well. Which is mostly what I am aiming for anyways with these resolutions.

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  4. Great job on your goals!

    I only had two goals and accomplished one of them. 🙂 The one I accomplished was to read twelve of my own books already on my bookshelves. I read 23!

    The other goal was to read The Count of Monte Cristo finally. I didn’t. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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    1. Thank you!
      I always want to read my own books and then I am distracted by all the pretty new releases.

      I read The Count of Monte Cristo years ago (in German though) and did enjoy it a lot more than I anticipated. It was also a lot different to the adaptions I had seen somehow.


  5. I didn’t set resolutions but had some vague plans to reduce the TBR stack (which I did manage to do) and to improve my Netgalley percentage (which I failed at – mine is a miserable 62%) – very jealous of your 90%!

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  6. So m any resolutions! I only had a few last year and I think I did ok with them but I have have to update my spreadsheet and go through some of my stats to double check. I did totally overtake my goodreads goal though, so that’s exciting!

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