Mini-Review: I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2: Fluff my life by Skottie Young

313387211Verdict: The art is stunning, the story less so.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novel

Published by Image Comics, 2016

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All hail Gertrude, the new Queen of Fairyland. After thirty years of wreaking havoc across this magical world to find her way back home, she must now overcome her biggest challenge yet… ruling the place she hates most. Join Gert as she continues her never-ending quest to get the FLUFF out of Fairyland. The hilariously brutal Fairytale adventure continues by superstar cartoonist SKOTTIE YOUNG.

I am currently trying to clear the unread Graphic Novels of my shelves because they are so quickly read that there is no reason they should be staring accusingly at me from my TBR shelves anymore. I enjoyed the first one in the series so much that I actually pre-ordered this – and then did not get to it until nearly two years later which is just irresponsible.

After the events of the first volume, Gertrude (still in a child’s body, still a psychopath) is a reluctant queen… And this is pretty much all there is to the plot. The book is more a series of scenes, some funny, some interesting, some really weird, all really bloody, than a complete story. And while I still appreciate the art a whole lot (there is just something satisfying about this bubblegum coloured explosion of violence), I really did not get on with the story. The jokes are repeated from the first volume, and even if I still sometimes chuckle when tiny Gertrude is being her violent self  I don’t think the funny premise can sustain the story any longer. I don’t think I will continue with the series because the reviews for the next one are not very promising. Which is a shame because I love the art so much.



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