Bookish Resolutions: Half Year Update

At the beginning of the year I set myself resolutions for my reading year. Now that the year is nearly halfway gone (where did the time go?), I figured I should have a look at how I am doing with these resolutions.

Read 100 books.

I am not doing so well on this one. I have been behind on my reading challenge since April and can’t seem to catch up, at least not for any significant amount of time. I am sure my decision to listen to It by Stephen King on audiobook has nothing to do with it (I have been listen to that one forever).


Read at least one author’s complete work.

Not doing so well on this either; because I do not think reading a debut authors only published book counts. I have Megan Stielstra’s short story collection though and do want to read that soon. If I finish that I will have read everything she has written. I also only have two of N. K. Jemisin’s novels left to read and want to get to them at some point during this year. I have also started my second to last David Mitchell book, so this might also happen this year.


Keep writing reviews for every book you read.

I have not written a review for You Don’t Have To Say You Love me and don’t think I will do that. But, except for that I have written reviews for everything I read which is why I am counting this as a win.


Read more women; especially WOC.

This one I am doing good on. 71% of the books I read this year have been written by women and 19% by men (the rest were written by people identifying as non-binary or gender non-conforming or were anthologies). 11 books were written by women of colour – that number can and should be higher. But I am still tentatively counting this as a win, especially compared to last year I am doing better.


Read some of the books that have been on the TBR forever.

Yeah… That is not happening at the moment. Only one book I read had been on my TBR for more than six months.


Only request books if a) you really really really want them and have been looking forward to them or b) you have reviewed all other ARCs you had.

I am not doing that well on this resolution. But I am doing better than last year!


Finish at least one unfinished series.

I forgot about this one. And no, I have not done that yet.


Read only YA that comes highly recommended.

I have only read 2 YA books so far this year and both came highly recommended. I did not love Strange The Dreamer as much as I thought but overall I am counting this as a win.


Read more Science Fiction.

Yes! And it is going so well! I mean, I have bought way more Sci-Fi than I have read so far this year but I am loving it.


Read more novellas.

Yes! I am also doing this. Very slowly but at least I am reading more. I love the novella line and I get so ridiculously jealous at everybody who receives their novellas for review. I want in on that!


I think I am actually doing ok especially considering half the year is still to come.

How are you doing on your reading resolutions if you have set yourself any?

4 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions: Half Year Update

  1. I congratulate you on not only doing pretty well with your resolutions, but to keep up with the reporting of them! I myself only set one reading resolution this year: to record what I read and to give a Goodreads review. Nope. I’m still reading but can’t be bothered with the recording after the fact – I’m always more eager to start the next book than to review the last one read! Thank goodness there are reviewers like you out there, to make up for readers like me, 😉

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    1. Thank you! I am sometimes struggling to write a review for everything I have written, but I try and keep going anyways. It gives me an excuse to still write in English, a skill I really do not want to lose.


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