Impromptu “I am three books behind on my reading challenge”-TBR

The last few weeks have been rough, reading wise. I am as of today three books behind on my Goodreads reading challenge and I really want to change that. Luckily, it’s a bank holiday tomorrow, which means I have a whole day I can dedicate to reading and hopefully catching up at least a little bit.

I am currently in the middle of six books, which is also stressing me out, so I will try and finish at least one, hopefully two of those books in the next 26 hours. I will prioritize the books I am actually excited to read and see from there.


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

36187690I am a bit further than half way through this book and enjoying it immensely. It is not perfect (sometimes the characters behave a bit too prop-like for my taste) but it is beautifully written and very readable.



Not That Bad edited by Roxane Gay

35068524This is brilliant. I adore everything about this anthology. I have around 80 pages left of this, so I will definitely be finishing it.



It by Stephen King

36320307There is no way I am finishing this any time soon but I am hoping to at least make a dent. I am currently around 11 hours into the 44 hour long audiobook and while I still think that the book is too long, I have found my rhythm with it and am actually mostly enjoying it.


Monstress, Vol. 2: The Blood by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

33540347I have not been as good at reading graphic novels as I would like. It is a genre I enjoy while I read them but somehow I am never compelled to pick one up. I love the art and the story of this though and I will definitely be picking this up during the next hours.


I am also allowing myself to pick up anything else that I might be interested in because I think part of the reason for my slump is that I am trying to structure my reading too much. (I mean the main reason is that work has been ridiculous, but that I cannot change.)

I will try and update my reading progress over on Twitter, so do join me over there if you would like to see me fail miserably or succeed wonderfully (not sure what it’ll be).

How is your reading month going? What do you do when you happen to be behind on your reading challenge?

9 thoughts on “Impromptu “I am three books behind on my reading challenge”-TBR

    1. Yeah, I heard about that scene and I am super weary. It sounds like something that might be a dealbreaker for me as well, so I’ll have to see (although I assume sunk cost fallacy will stop me from DNFing the book then).

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