Thoughts: On buying and owning books.

I love books, obviously. I grew up in a house with shelves and shelves (and shelves) of books. I am very lucky that way (and increasingly grateful). Then, during my university years, I did not own all that many books – I moved to Scotland with only a suitcase full of clothes and nothing else. Yes, I bought a few charity shop books here and there but I did not have the disposable income to really binge on books – I also spend a lot of that non existing disposable income on going out and living my student life – a decision I still wholeheartedly agree with – because when I left the UK after my five years there, I left the same way I came: by plane with only a suitcase filles with clothes. I gave all my books and other stuff away and kept only memories.

Why am I telling you that? Because since I started working and earning money, I have been spending a pretty substantial part of that income on books – and I LOVE it. I am  aware that this is a pretty privileged position to be in and I am very grateful for my current situation. I am also grateful that my partner does not mind in the slightest that he is slowly being buried in books.

I love watching other people’s unhaul-videos (especially Thoughts on Tomes‘) but I have no urge to unhaul books whatsoever myself. I don’t mind having books on my shelves that I didn’t love – if I actively dislike a book, I will probably not keep it [although I sometimes do for various reasons: if it was a gift by my sister-in-law (I have disliked every single book she has ever given me and she manages to only ask me whether I have already read her gift until finally grudgingly I have finished it at which point she never asks again so I cannot even tell her I disliked it without sounding like a brat) or if it looks pretty]. I also really, really loved some books as a teenager that my parents disliked and had kept anyways – so maybe I should keep some books for my future children?

I also don’t mind my physical TBR growing and growing. I find it lovely to have shelves full of books to still read. I am trying to be a bit more mindful in my buying because I love buying a new book and immediately reading it when my excitement is at its highest. Mercedes over at MercysBookishMusings is doing something fairly extreme with her TBR this year (do watch that video) and I am loving watching her do this but the thought of doing something similar stresses me out to no end.

So, I will keep on buying too many books because for me there is no such thing. I want to own all the books and I want to support authors.

What are your thoughts? Do you keep books you don’t like? Do you do any unhauls?

19 thoughts on “Thoughts: On buying and owning books.

  1. I’ve just had to curb my spending on books not because I can’t afford them (which is somewhat true!), but because I moved into a one bedroom one bath apartment and I am slowly running out of room! My boyfriend was concerned about moving in with me because it would mean moving in with my many books, and I’m probably gonna have to go through and unhaul some of them. Which makes me super sad! Great post!

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  2. When I finally have a house with enough space to fill with books, I will easily fill it! Unhauling books is so hard and I like having a big collection even if lots are still yet to be read. It feels like having a library at home which I can choose a book from whenever I feel like it.

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  3. I have limited shelf space due to a small house and a small(ish) child, who has more possessions than both of his parents somehow! Anyway, I have to regularly cull my books as I accumulate more. I try to look at it this way: I’m spreading the book love, giving someone else a chance to find a book they might love!

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