The year in revue: Stats and Thoughts


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Writing my Best Books of the Year and Least Favourite Books of the Year posts got me thinking about my overall reading experience. I felt the need to find out more about what I read this year. The year is not quite over yet but I don’t think I will finish any more books.

Overall I read 31,935 pages across 103 books which makes less than 300 pages per book. Apparently I read fewer fantasy tomes this year.

Of these books 59 were written by women and 38 by men, the rest were anthologies or graphic novels with more than one creator. I would have thought the number of books written by women would be higher because I gravitate more towards books written by women, especially when it comes to non-fiction. This is not a conscious decision on my end but rather something that happens. My Best of the Year-list is overwhelmingly female so for the upcoming year I will try and reflect that by reading more books written by women (the rest of my bookish resolutions can be found here).

Shelves and genres:

For the genres I used my own Goodreads shelf – which works ok except I sometimes shelve books as more than one genre.

45 fantasy/ Sci Fi/ Dystopia

30 literary fiction/ general fiction

20 short story collections

19 non fiction (with 15 memoirs)

6 Young Adult (and only one of those got 4 stars)

58 ARCs (this is – a lot.)

6 DNF (shelved) + 4 DNF (unshelved) (that is a lot less bad than I thought it would be)

6 audiobooks.

I also found it interesting to find out for myself what ratings I gave this year:

15 x 5 stars

52 x 4 stars

26 x 3 stars

9 x 2 stars

I only gave one book 1 star – but that one really deserved it.

Most read authors

  • N. K. Jemisin with 6 books, which should come as no surprise. I adore her and her work is by far my favourite find of 2017.
  • Robert Jackson Bennet, Jeff VanderMeer and Lidia Yuknavitch with three books each;
  • Elizabeth Strout and Amber Sparks with two books each.

I tend to author-hop a lot, I can rarely stay focused on one series without taken breaks and this is mirrored by my very short list of authors I have read two or more books of in 2017.

So, overall a pretty typical year for me. I read widely with a bit of a focus on SFF and all related subgenres. I felt like I had read less SFF than I ultimately did which works fine for me.

Tell me about your year in reading. How was it? Also, I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you’ll spend New Year’s Eve in a way that you’ll enjoy! (in my case that means spending it with my partner and another couple, eating too much food and playing board games – what are your plans?)


5 thoughts on “The year in revue: Stats and Thoughts

  1. Love your stats. I seriously have no idea how many books I DNF. My guess is a LOT. My rule for DNFs is that I will stop reading if the book drives me nuts at the 20-30% mark, or if I am just not into it. I have a few books from last year (The Circle, for instance) that I got further into (maybe 40-50%) and stopped reading because I just didn’t care that much for the story, but that’s pretty rare.

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    1. I don’t tend to DNF all that many books but mostly because the books I buy I am very sure I will like. The books I DNF’ed this year were mostly arcs which I don’t feel all that great about, but then again if I know within the first 20 pages that I will not enjoy it (and I often do), I don’t see the point in continuing.

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      1. Yes, I ended up DNF’ing ARCs for the most part. Problem with me is that I really never know what’s going to draw me into a book…

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      2. It is quite difficult to know. I find that YA is very hit or miss for me and last year there were a couple of absolutel disappointments that I did not see coming.

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  2. Yes, so very true for me. I like YA (and seriously read every YA novel I could get my hands on as a kid/preteen), but it is so unpredictable. I had several DNFs in that genre this year.

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