The year in revue: Least favourite books of 2017

While I love talking about things I love, I also sometimes like to complain about the things I disliked. I read some pretty disappointing books this year. I won’t be ranking these books (except for my absolute least favourite of the year because that wasn’t even close) because the reasons why I disliked the books vary so much. I am also only including books I managed to finish on this list; mostly because I am still mad at myself for doing so.

The Relive Box and other stories – T. C. Boyle

34121921Uff, I disliked this immensely. The whole experience just did not work for me. Plus, this is a review that apparently makes people angry. And don’t you just love the people who tell you how you read a book wrong? As if reading wasn’t hugely subjective?

My review is here.

Manhattan Beach – Jennifer Egan

34467031This was hands down my biggest disappointment of the year. I adored her “Visit From the Goon Squad” and as such was so pleased to receive an ARC, but I struggle from around 30% onwards. This book was nothing like I hoped and so different from my expectations that I was very glad to be done with it in the end.

My review can be found here.

See What I have Done – Sarah Schmidt

33779103This is a close second for most disappointing read. I was looking forward to this for months – but uff, was I ever the wrong reader for this. The endless descriptions of people eating pears in the most disgusting way possible drove me nuts – and yes, this is my main takeaway from this book. My review is a bit more elaborate.


Slow Boat – Hideo Furukawa

32171719This just went over my head. I don’t have more to say really. (Of course I do.)



Meet me in the In-Between – Bella Pollen

32714117I love memoirs. I really do. But spending time in Bella Pollen’s head proved to be a bit too much for me. She seems so self-involved that she cannot see the world around her. I hated how she made the experiences of people trying to reach the US from Mexico about herself most of all, but I also disliked her quirkiness that seems put on. My review can be found here.


And the winner is:

Crown of Ice (The Mirror of Immortality) – Vicki L. Weavil

32786586I do not really have the words to express how awful I thought this was. While the books above are mostly well-written but just not for me, this I was genuinely baffled by. A modern re-telling of Snow Queen, with maths instead of magic (and written by someone who decidedly does not know how to write about maths), with characters that felt like puppets. By far my least favourite of the bunch. My (kinda mean) review is here.

… I made a very sobering discovery here: all the books on my least favourite list were ARCs. Either I really need to be more selective about which books I request, or maybe I just don’t feel obligated finishing books I bought myself. I will have to think about this.

What about you? What were some of your least favourite books of the year? Which was the most disappointing one?

11 thoughts on “The year in revue: Least favourite books of 2017

  1. The only one of these I’ve read is See What I Have Done but it is absolutely going on my worst books of the year as well. What a mess. Crown of Ice sounds terrible too. I’ll have to check out your other reviews as well, I love reading a good rant.

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  2. Oh man. Negative reviews are always hard for me to post because I know the author has likely put in time and energy to writing and loved their story. Courtney Evan Tate’s Such Dark Things was my least favorite read of 2017, though I generally do not finish books that I can’t stand. My life just doesn’t have the energy for that when I barely have time to read for fun!

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    1. For me it really depends but I do try and frame it as what did not work for me rather than what I think the book did wrong. And I do think negative reviews are also necessary which is why I will keep on writing them, even if sometimes I dislike having to.

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      1. Yes, I totally agree. We need reviewers to be honest, and I think the way you have framed it is good. I think I tend to just stop reading if I hate the book. I feel especially bad if the author is super awesome on social media, too.

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      2. Haha. I have a friend who owns a bookstore and she said she’s done if it doesn’t work for her in the first few pages. Life’s too short! I am beginning to agree with her!

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